Wave of your Soul

Hello ! I am soo glad you’re here. If you’ve been called to this process or you’re just curious then you are in the right place! My name is Justina, Im a successful artist living in BC, Canada. I have always dreamt of huge wide never-ending oceans, painting waves brings my dreams to life – and I will help you create your own masterpiece!. Together we will paint with seashells, here is why: I have been painting right out of seashells for 6 months now, its something I highly recommened to all my artist friends! There is nothing like holding a shell in your hand, full of aqua, turquoise or emerald green and combining that paint into your own oceanscape. Its a full circle of connected, intertwined love for water, self and creating.

Helping other creators paint the wave of their lives is something that came to me in a moment of silence. My intuition guided the way and here I am offering my first course! Which I hope to be a circle of creators uplifting each other and painting stunning reflections of themselves in an ocean painting. I am soo excited about this one month course because it truly reaches right to my soul, and hopefully yours as well. At the end of the course you will have your own masterpiece, a representation of your life, your strengths and fierce spirit. I will guide you into acknowledging all your lifes events, beautiful, big or small, happiest and hardest. Together we will make a list of our top ten most life altering ground shaking moments. Taking time to honour and accept all the moments that have changed your path, and opened your heart.

Of course you don’t have to share more than you are comfortable with, you are free to keep your life moments to yourself and just paint them during the first class! Together we will write those onto your painting in the base layer of the wave. For those that want to share, we will listen, support and honour eachothers feelings and moments. I will be your guide, but you will be the artist. We will find purpose and growth in every moment shared. Every step, every heartache, every smile and every love has brought you to this point. This exact day where creating your own masterpiece is possible ! Not only is it possible, it is going to be AMAZING!!! Because it is you, your heart, your life, your hand in every brush stroke.

Here are all the details that may call you to say YES! To yourself and to be a part of this group of artists supporting eachother. This course is for anyone who feels the pull to be a part of this, no prior experience required as I will walk you through each week. :

March 20th – April 10th

Week ONE March 20th: LIVE Group Session
@10am PST

In our first class we will meet on Zoom, an online platform that enables us to video chat. We will sketch the outline of your skyline and waves. Then we will be writing our top 10 moments into the Wave of your Soul . With our words being the base layer of the ocean wave. We will start at the darkest part of the wave, the bottom, and rise up with lighter tones as we put our best memories atop of our hardest. Light above darkness. We will then take a moment to honour and respect our individual paths, and move forward.

Week TWO March 27th: Step by step video

We will build upon the base layer, adding smaller waves, land and sky. Filling the horizon with a day or night scene (I will include tutorials for both options)

Week THREE April 3rd: Step by step video

We will make our wishes come true! Our ocean, sand, horizon and sea foam will have our truest wishes and desires infused into brushstrokes(More details when you register, but trust me this will be fun). OPTIONAL: birds, baby turtle, rocks, mountains and footprints in the sand will have short tutorial’s included so YOU can CHOOSE what is in your masterpiece!

Week FOUR April 10th: LIVE Group Session & Finishing touches  

@10am PST

Together we will follow our intuition and add any finishing details, highlights and shadows to our paintings. I will be there to walk you step by step in the finishing touches. We will close our month long journey by sharing our works and acknowledging our own personal growths during the class!

Payment & Registration –With Optional Payment plan:


*Total Price of course $120 CDN

$10 Sea Shell Package option: Hand picked sea shells sent to you from Justina (Free shipping in Canada, $10 fee to US) Also optional if you would like Justina to paint one side of the shell gold!

When you register be sure to fill-out the entire form so I can email you three things: Your Artist tools needed for the class (Roughly $40-80CDN), Inspiration to get you started and updates when the weekly videos are available on the website! 10 Days before the course begins you will receive an email with your course password, Facebook group, and details to begin!

About the Artist:

Justina is a full time successful artist, living in BC Canada, a province known for its pristine mountain ranges, glacier fed rivers and ocean life. Her passion for creating art trickles down to her children who also love creating. Helping them find their own talents brings her great joy. One of Justinas favorite activities is camping with her family, she brings her “art box” and more than a few canvases for each trip! Justina grew up painting, and not just on paper or canvases – as a child her mother gave her the freedom to paint murals covering her entire bedroom walls. As a teen and young adult her creativity expanded into woodworking. One day Justina will combine her passion for painting & furniture building together. For now, focussing on her artist path and sharing her gifts with others is first priority. Justina has been painting with her intuition, her inspirations and her imagination her whole life.

****** ALL videos will be recorded and available to you for 3 months after the course finishes******