Spirit Animal Process

Where it all began & a testimonial from her first spirit animal commission…

Justina has loved animals since she was a small child. On Saturday mornings growing up she would watch the World Wildlife Foundation tv show, highlighting animals that needed rescuing and protection. Her heart ached for them, and she grew up with the same love and respect for them as she always had.

As an artist she learned to paint from her heart – always. Naturally animals she adored and that held deep meaning in her life came to the canvas with ease and joy. Dreaming of animals her whole life – she started painting humpback whales first then orca whales, lions, bears and more. Those were the first to come to her of many, she’s been grateful to witness animals guiding her in her dreams for as long as she can remember. In deep meditation last year Justina was introduced to her spirit animal, and a few guides that have been with her in spirit for lifetimes.

After sharing her passion for animals and painting spirit animals on social media she was surprised by the feedback ! Someone dear to her instantly requested she do a commission of her spirit animal. With never painting someone else’s spirit animal Justina was not sure what would come of it, but she was willing to try! The client asked Justina to take her time, speak to her soul and see if any animal presented itself to her. And so it was, and so it will always be. The beginning of a new chapter for Justina, as an artist and human being.

The next day Justina sat with herself, with her mind & heart – she smudged. She sat still, and she connected to her own soul. The rest is a deeply personal process involving: asking the clients spirit if Justina could reach out, if she had permission to ask & receive from her soul, and with love in her heart she knew she had permission. The next step was to ask if Linzy had a spirit animal that would show itself to her, and before she could even ask the full question – she saw her. Bright, strong, beautiful, shining white tiger of light – “Linzys Tiger of Light”

Everything afterwards was pure magic, Linzys tiger had messages for Justina to share with her, including colours and a picture of Linzys “safe place” that the tiger was resting and always had been there watching over her. It was a profound moment in Justinas life to experience this. Justina shared all of this with her client in a letter, in videos and pictures showing her creating the painting from start to finish.

Linzys “Tiger of Light”

Commission: Linzys Tiger of Light & Love

Linzys Testimonial:

“When I commissioned Justina for a spirit animal painting I was in the middle of a very challenging moment in my life. Sometimes you need that little magical reminder that we are so much more than this human experience. That we are even more loved and supported than we realize, especially in the midst of life’s challenges and transitions. I felt inspired to ask for support in this magical creative way because I know, live, and breathe the healing power of art and colour.

When I opened the painting and I saw who my spirit animal was – I was awestruck and moved to tears. I sat speechless and mesmerized for the entire evening soaking in the magic infused in this painting. The colours Justina was inspired to use are my soul colours, and I never told her! In fact I didn’t give her any requests at all, it felt really important to give the artist complete freedom to create as she was inspired and I’m so blown away with every part of this painting, her process, and the deeper meanings she connected with. I loved giving her that complete freedom and being surprised with her creation!

The whole process and experience was profound for me. Justina connected to my soul and received a vision, a vision that brings tears to my eyes every time I see the painting because the messages that she received touched my heart in a way words cannot describe. It is something I will hold close to my heart forever. Even while she was building the canvas she received visions and messages for me, that were exactly what I needed to hear. It was like the aching parts of me were seen and acknowledged, and I received a deep soul healing through the creation process. She even documented the whole thing!!! The BEAUTIFUL photos and videos of her entire magical process were such a beautiful surprise, she even sent me the seashells she painted from!

I am so deeply grateful to Justina for this incredible painting and the soul message that came with it, both have deeply profound meaning to me. I will cherish this masterpiece forever as a reminder of who I really am. 

I can’t wait to get spirit animal paintings for my husband and daughter! 

Thank you Justina from the bottom of my heart for this precious gift, who hangs proudly

above my bed, the first thing I see when I Rise “

Justina is honoured to have created such an incredible commission, and this testimonial means the world to her. Justina is now working on another spirit animal commission and cannot wait to ship it to her client!

More about spirit animal commissions:

Each spirit animal painting involves a spiritual practise of smudging, connecting and bonding with the animal in spirit or dreams before creation begins. Clients receive a timelapse video of the entire painting start to finish and any sea shells used during the creation. If you feel called to this offering you can contact Justina on her commissions page or fillout the contact form at the bottom of this screen. Thank you for taking the time to read about this spiritual & artistic offering.

Much love


Here you can see some of Justinas spirit animal collection. Including her commissioned White Tiger of Light.

If you would like more information about the process, or want to chat with Justina about getting a custom painting of your own fill out this form!