Justina specializes in heartfelt work that brings light and love to every space. Her process begins with a connection to self, nature and soul. Smudging her canvas, studio and her self is the first step in creating custom pieces that will last lifetimes. Carrying her intuition through the entire painting is key, knowing that Justina has put her heart into the piece is top priority. Clients can truly feel the love, life and bright energy the moment they receive they receive their artwork from Justina.

Painting straight out of sea shells, recording the process and sharing that with clients is Justinas favorite part!

To request a commission piece please fill-out the contact form at the bottom of this screen!

Please include the details of what your dream piece entails! 

  1. Please include your subject preference: spirit animal, cloudscape, goddess, portrait, night scene, sunset, mountain range, northern lights, oceanscapes or dreamscapes.
  2. If you have a soul colour that you want incorporated include that in your email, typically clients have let Justina try to find it…and she has been spot on more than once! With clients amazed and blown away that Justina literally somehow with her heart managed to find their soul colour!
  3. Size (Prices below)
  4. Spirit Animal: Justina will accept these requests when her intuition says yes, this type of heart to heart connection is deeply personal for the client and artist. An additional $140 for this type of commission is added to the size chart below.

Size Chart:

8″x10″ $150

10″x12″ $160

8″x16″ $185

10″x20″ $240

10″x30″ $360

18″x24″ $480

12″x36″ $480

20″x30″ $600

24″x48″ $1150

36″x48″ $1700

48″x60″ $2400

36″x96″ $3000

48″x96″ $5000

All commission pieces require a 50% non refundable deposit before any work can begin. Justina will email you to discuss the painting and deposit details as soon as possible. She will include progress photos, and a special thank you gift with your commission piece when it is complete. 

Commissions take time, each piece can take several weeks to prepare, paint, and varnish. If you have a dedicated timeline then please include that in your email as well. Gift wrapping and shipping available. 

Justina can create even larger pieces, send an email to enquire about sizes or custom canvasses if its not on this list! Hand crafted canvases also available, Justina has combined her woodworking skills with her paintings, if you would like your commission done on a custom canvas of any size please include this in your email. An extra 10% up to $100 will be applied according to the size.