About the Artist

Justina is an intuitive fulltime professional artist living in BC, Canada. Originally from Ontario Justina is constantly inspired by the beautiful landscape that the west coast offers. From the mountain ranges, forests to the deep ocean – her art reflects her love of nature. Justina specializes in oceanscapes, cloudscapes, spirit animals, and goddess portraits. Her business Dream. Feel. Paint. has grown into online classes so she can share what she has learned with other creators. Her favourite place to paint is outside in nature, or by the ocean out of seashells. She prides herself on creating meaningful art, with her intuition and her respect for the process. Painting out of seashells is a daily routine and supporting other artists as they emerge is just as important.

A little more about my journey:

“Instead of Time, I believe that Art heals all wounds” – Justina Bartlett.


Dream. Feel. Paint : my mantra, my purpose, my lifelong journey.

Art means something different to everyone. In my life, Art means free expression, experimenting and feeling through the painting. I’ve used Art in times of sorrow and happiness. It helps me grow as a human being and connects me to my spirit. Dreaming of oceans, animals and other lives has been a gift since I was a child. I have always believed dreams hold deep meanings, lessons and magic that I can connect to my daily life.

A little more about my journey:

I went to a high school for the Arts in Ontario, where I started experimenting with different mediums and forms of art, flowing through canvas, clay and set painting for theater. As I grew into my talents, I expanded into woodworking, designing and building furniture. Carpentry and painting are two of my favorite things in the world.

With 15 years developing the love I have for Art, painting is my where my passion lies.

Living in the stunning province of British Columbia, I am amazed and grateful to have a never-ending supply of inspiration.  Ancient forests and breathtaking sunsets over the horizon… I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Mountains as far as the eye can see, trails leading to waterfalls fed with glacier water and an ocean I love more everyday.  I can feel the connection to earth, spirit and mind here. 

I named my site after three things that I live by Dream. Feel. Paint.

As a mother, creator and human being I combine all my passions into my artwork. My children inspire me to share my art, they have their own creative talents now and painting with them in my studio is the greatest gift I could be given. They encourage me, love me unconditionally and I am forever grateful that I get to witness them become their own creators. We smudge as a family, paint as a family and grow as a family. They give me ideas, names for paintings and wild visions for my art business.  I listen to my dreams, witness my feelings and bring that into all of my paintings. Creating one of a kind pieces that represent strength, unity and connection to source.

Dream. Feel. Paint.

Hand Crafted Canvas: Justina began making her own custom canvases, combining her love for woodworking and art brings great joy to the studio! Checkout some pictures of this wonderful process here: